Pune –Flavours, Traditions and the City of Good Times

Pune is historical city as well as IT hub in Maharashtra.

Pune is historical city as well as IT hub in Maharashtra.










If you enjoy traveling then Pune is a city that should be on your travel radar. Rich in traditions, lovable for its delectable cuisines and a city of good times for all those who love peace and prosperity. A city known to have existed since 847 AD has developed and evolved into a strong cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra. Today it’s bustling with energy and enthusiasm of the young generation which loves to delve and involve in the corporate atmosphere, dine and hang-out with friends yet there is a strong indication that they have not forgotten their cultural roots and they know how to create a fusion between the ultra-modern society and their cultural backgrounds. Continue reading

Mother’s Day – She Deserves More

Mother's Day - She Deserves More

Every year on the second Sunday of May, we try to find ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. The person being celebrated could receive a bunch of Red Carnation flowers, breakfast in bed, dinner/lunch at a fine restaurant or an off from the daily chores of routine life. Yes, I am talking about ways to celebrate the life of a person who has been a mother and has made ultimate sacrifices to make sure that her children/family are happy and brought up well. Continue reading