Serving Food and Customer Expectation

hotel in pune

Today’s people are choosier about hotel. They want quality hotel in minimum rates also wants better services.  Because it directly related to human health and any one cannot compromise with health. When customer take a food in hotel he want the tasty food, Better service, Minimum rate, cleanness and all the things. If any hotel cannot give that facility customer avoid that hotel and the business of that hotel will collapse.

To maintaining the quality is the important thing in hotel. When new hotel is open that time they gives the quality but after some days the quality will not maintain that effect on the reputation of the hotel. Hotel in pune  maintain the quality of standard in food and other factors. Customer have number of choices are available in hoteling if any one hotel cannot maintain the quality that time customer cannot revisit that hotel.

Maintaining the cleanness in hotel is important thing because if there is any king of uncleanness in hotel that effect on food quality and  it can effect on customer view point about hotel. Quality food providing is the important things in hotel. One another important thing is service which provide by hotel. Every customer in hotel want good service like serve the food immediately and give respect to customer. That points also effect on the publicity of hotel.

In hotel business mouth publicity is also important factor because when any customer comes into hotel and he like the hotel they also tell other people about his experience that’s why customer satisfaction is important.


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