Indian Tea & Its Significance in the Indian Culture

5 star hotels in Pune

5 star hotels in Pune

India is one of the largest tea producers and consumers in the world. The southern and eastern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam are some of the regions with large tea plantations which account for almost all the tea produced in India.

The history of tea and its cultivation in India is a bit obscure but it is believed that in some parts of Ancient India, native tribes grew tea plants and have been consuming it since the 12th century. The modern era of tea dawned in India with the British who were the first to introduce large tea plantations in the early 19th century. Tea grown and brewed in India has a long history of medicinal values with supplemented ingredients like basil, cardamom, pepper, liquorice, ginger and mint to name a few.

Tea in the early 20th century became a common beverage and has been most commonly prepared and consumed at home and outside at eateries and stalls. There are multiple variations of tea based on regional and cultural specifications. Most of the tea produced in India is consumed with milk and a bit of sugar. The famous among them are the Masala Chai and the Kadak Chai (Strong Tea).

Today tea is a common welcoming factor and is affiliated with hospitality, work related cultures or a routine habit of consuming it in the morning and evening hours. Modern tea recipes also includes herbal tea, tea mixed with plain hot water (black tea), decaffeinated tea and many other such variations that suit one’s preference or choice. People with health conscious approach towards life prefer to enjoy green tea, lemon tea, ginger tea and plain tea blends without milk as a daily routine to suffice the purpose. Tea is also known for its rich antioxidant nutrition which is found to be ten times greater than the amount of antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. Green tea and black tea have antioxidants which over the time can help avoid fatal diseases at later stages thus increasing the longevity of life.

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