Hygienic hotel in Pune

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3 star hotel in Pune

You have to provide your customer food that is sensibly priced, delicious to the palette and appetizing to their stomach if you want to enter in the hotel business. However, the most crucial part of the business is setting up a hotel kitchen. For setting up the kitchen, you need to make an elaborate plan and delegate duties to worthy candidates who can help you. You need to take care of the infrastructure of the kitchen along with the minimum aesthetics of it. Continue reading

Indian Tea & Its Significance in the Indian Culture

5 star hotels in Pune

5 star hotels in Pune

India is one of the largest tea producers and consumers in the world. The southern and eastern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam are some of the regions with large tea plantations which account for almost all the tea produced in India. Continue reading

Serving Food and Customer Expectation

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Today’s people are choosier about hotel. They want quality hotel in minimum rates also wants better services.  Because it directly related to human health and any one cannot compromise with health. When customer take a food in hotel he want the tasty food, Better service, Minimum rate, cleanness and all the things. If any hotel cannot give that facility customer avoid that hotel and the business of that hotel will collapse.

To maintaining the quality is the important thing in hotel. When new hotel is open that time they gives the quality but after some days the quality will not maintain that effect on the reputation of the hotel. Hotel in pune  maintain the quality of standard in food and other factors. Customer have number of choices are available in hoteling if any one hotel cannot maintain the quality that time customer cannot revisit that hotel.

Maintaining the cleanness in hotel is important thing because if there is any king of uncleanness in hotel that effect on food quality and  it can effect on customer view point about hotel. Quality food providing is the important things in hotel. One another important thing is service which provide by hotel. Every customer in hotel want good service like serve the food immediately and give respect to customer. That points also effect on the publicity of hotel.

In hotel business mouth publicity is also important factor because when any customer comes into hotel and he like the hotel they also tell other people about his experience that’s why customer satisfaction is important.


The History of Single Malts

3 star hotels in Pune

The History of Single Malts

It is one of the most priced and sought after choice of whisky preferred by many people around the world. So what does it make so special and why do people possess it with great pride? The reason – Unlike blended whiskies, Single Malts are the product of a single distillery with malted barley as the only grain ingredient. Moreover the age of the whisky is also of great consideration. Older the better as it tastes great, carries the shades of forest floor and a smoky medicinal kick. It also carries a high premium which generally captures the prevailing wisdom. Continue reading

Rainy Days & Delightful Recipes

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Rainy Days & Delightful Recipes

Monsoon brings happiness and enchantment into our lives and with it comes an extraordinary feeling to enjoy some delicious, spicy and crunchy food. The smell of wet earth, cool breezes and rain lashing on the ground has a magical effect on all of us. It suddenly changes your mood and this especially happens during the first down pour after a sweltering summer season. You suddenly feel a sense of enthusiasm and change which soothes your mind and body for good. The monsoon is a wet season so it’s obvious that sometimes it becomes a bit colder than usual and that is when your mind urges to have a light snack which is warm and crunchy to eat. We have usually seen it in different cultures wherein people prefer to have onion pakoras, samosas, roasted bhutta rubbed with lemon or pav bhaji during a down pour. It’s that essence of the rain that triggers this habit of indulging in a crunchy feast. Continue reading

Delightful & Delicious Monsoon Recipes

Delightful & Delicious Monsoon Recipes

Delightful & Delicious Monsoon Recipes

Ever wondered what’s the best thing the monsoon brings along with it apart from rain, thunder, lightning and cool zephyrs?Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the time of the year when monsoon instils a desire to munch on a lip smacking and tasty hot snack along with a cup of hot coffee or tea. The rainy days usually create a craving for delicious snacks like samosas, bhajiyas, cutlets, aloo / onion pakoras, cheese puffs, fish / egg pakoras and so on. These crispy snacks are incomplete without accompaniments like green mint chutney, tomato or tamarind sauce. To add to the tasty fun, a masala chai or a filter coffee would do wonders in the wet and rainy climate. Continue reading