Rainy Days & Delightful Recipes

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Rainy Days & Delightful Recipes

Monsoon brings happiness and enchantment into our lives and with it comes an extraordinary feeling to enjoy some delicious, spicy and crunchy food. The smell of wet earth, cool breezes and rain lashing on the ground has a magical effect on all of us. It suddenly changes your mood and this especially happens during the first down pour after a sweltering summer season. You suddenly feel a sense of enthusiasm and change which soothes your mind and body for good. The monsoon is a wet season so it’s obvious that sometimes it becomes a bit colder than usual and that is when your mind urges to have a light snack which is warm and crunchy to eat. We have usually seen it in different cultures wherein people prefer to have onion pakoras, samosas, roasted bhutta rubbed with lemon or pav bhaji during a down pour. It’s that essence of the rain that triggers this habit of indulging in a crunchy feast. Continue reading